In the ever-quickening pace for which we all live our lives, it is important that you have a brand that is there with you every step of the way, on any path that you choose. In order to find our way it requires a lifestyle that one may not natively understand. Every new door we open and every bend in the road brings a new opportunity with new unique challenges. Many of us find ourselves traveling great lengths in the pursuit of happiness and personal success.



That is where Allusive Active was born, in order to go where the road takes you and be there every step of the way. Our brand represents the unique Active expression of ones self in every facet of life and every path that is chosen. We believe strongly that your ability to make individual decisions in your life is the fundamental reason for why you are standing where you are in this very moment, which is why regardless of the road you have chosen, Allusive Active will be with you every turn you take.



Our unique styles are designed to meet the needs of your lifestyle whether it means sweating it out at yoga class, spinning hard at cycle classes. skiing in the backcountry, hiking in the mountains, riding the perfect wave, walking down the beach boardwalk, or all of the above. The Allusive Active team is a group of active individuals who have traveled around the world and believe strongly in having a brand that meets the needs for your specific daily lifestyle.